Smok Fury S Mechanical Mod
Smok Fury S Mechanical Mod
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Smok Fury S Mechanical Mod

The Smok Fury S Mechanical Mod is a truly unique magnetic mechanical mod from SmokTech.  The Fury-S is one of the smallest and lightest 18650 mechanical mods on the market, sporting magnetic buttons and spring loaded positive pin, this mechanical mod was designed with hard core use in mind.
What makes it unique is the well built reverse magnet button system.  Probably the best I've seen.  As with most magnetic button systems they have 2 opposing magnets to create the "spring action" to activate the device.  With this device it has a floating battery contact for the top half of the button, and it comes in 2 sizes.  One size will accommodate flat top 18650's and the other will help accommodate most 18650's with a raised positive connector.
Also on the positive end it comes with a spring loaded battery connector to help ensure a great connection every with every hit. The head comes with 510 / eGo threading, so it should fit most atomizers.
The other unique feature is the button lock.  Traditionally the buttons have a threaded sleeve to lock the button in place.  The Fury-S on the other hand has a single quarter twist to lock mechanism.  This helps make sure you don't lock the threads like you can on the traditional sleeve locking method.