SmokTech BEC Pro
SmokTech BEC Pro
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SmokTech BEC Pro


The SmokTech BEC Pro is their newest and most advanced Mod. Using SmokTech's own chipset it has a rated wattage range from 6-50 watts (in 1 watt increments) and a voltage range from 3-12 volts (in .5 volt increments). It also will work on devices with .3-9.9 ohms of resistance. Besides the top quality of SmokTech and the incredible specs, it also offers Bluetooth connectivity through IOS and Android phones. With the app, you can control the BEC Pro and view many statistics and parameters of the device.

You get all of this in one REALLY COOL looking device.

NOTE: This item is an advanced device and should only be ordered if you know what your doing with them. If you don't know what you are doing then please get assistance from someone that does have very good knowledge as many problems can arise from misuse.

Please use only IMR style 18650 batteries that have the capability of producing outputs compatible using this device.